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About us

Incorporated in 2004, Initsix Software Engineering ltd has been providing interim Technical Leadership, deep consultancy in emerging technologies and software development services to Fintech, Media and Government clients. We tackle hard problems with cutting edge techniques and we think differently.

Our strategy has coalesced around freelance technical leadership, devops, security, automation and disruptive technologies. With expertise in Information and Cyber Security management, software development practice, project management and policy - we have a broad portfolio of skills in a range of industries.

We're located in Bristol (South West England) with contract clients in the UK, Europe and USA.

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Client Services

Fractional leadership

Many startups and SME businesses have a requirement for expertise but not on a full time basis. A collection of great engineers can fail to become an effective team if the correct leadership is not in place. We provide interim and fractional contractor leaders for your business. From Chief Technology Officer to Software Architect.

Technical excellence

Everything is complex and it's impossible to learn everything. We provide research and consultancy into how technologies might affect your business and how you can gain competitive advantage by embracing our non-traditional approach to software and technology before your competitors do.

Incident Response

In a technical emergency you want someone who's been there before to ensure a crisis doesn't become a catastrophe. We can provide experts in Cyber Security, Incident Management and Technical Incident response at short notice and on a contract basis.

Policy management

Expertise in regulatory obligations - GDPR, PCI-DSS, CCPA (AB-375) and ISO27001 - allow us to provide a full suite of services around policy creation, maintenance and implementation to manage your compliance activities.

Software Development Services

Bespoke development

We build the exact software required to meet your needs by enhancing open source projects or building on your existing code.


We provide production strength services from day one. No more 'fingers crossed' push to production.


Secure by design principles are used in every stage of development, delivery and production services.


We consult on and implement world class public key, post quantum crypto and key lifecycle management solutions to protect your assets.

Analytics and telemetry

Scaling a service is only as good as the information you have. We bake in user analytics and infrastructure telemetry into all our software.

Penetration testing

Ensuring your applications are tested by experienced ethical hackers prior to go live is paramount to maintain your users trust.


Make it easy for your customer to check out digital products or reserve in store with deep mobile and web integration with payment vendors and crypto currencies.

Mobile and wearable

We develop apps on Android and Apple phones, Android TV and wearable platforms.

Technologies we use everyday

We use market leading open source technologies to build software, websites and mobile applications.

Using open source software is free from licencing costs and is maintained by the users of the product. Given a modicum of skill it is possible for the user to customise the software exactly to their specification in addition to being able to choose exactly which features, fixes and updates are applied to the software that is running your business.

We will recommend the most appropriate technology dependant on your requirements and budget.

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