Project management methodology

We use Scrum as an Agile framework to deliver websites, web applications and other software.

When we talk about a project being 'Agile' and using 'Scrum' we are really talking about accepting change in the project. It's a given that requirements will change over time as parts of the software are built and demonstrated. Fixing the scope early on will increase the cost of making changes later in the project.

An Agile development approach remedies this by removing the idea of a fixed scope. Instead a 'product backlog' - a list of features prioritised into orderof importance - is owned by the client. The developers then work down this list in a structured way with constant feedback. The product owner (client) can then add or subtract features and reprioritise the backlog once they see the software working, or to ensure certain features are included with an upcoming release.

Everybody wants a fixed price estimate with a commitment on critical functionality.

We have found the best approach is to agree a 'Minimum Viable Product', or MVP - the bare minimum functionality with which the software can 'go live'. During the life of the project some things will be easier and some things will be harder. Through continuous feedback it is possible to include new features and reprioritise existing features without increasing the costs.

Conversely if you have well defined requirements and are confident few changes will be required then we are able to provide a full fixed cost estimate against your requirements.

These are the steps we take to engage with a client project:

  1. Requirements analysis and estimate

  2. Product backlog and user stories
  3. Iterate
  4. Launch
  5. Continuous feedback

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